Feeling Good Now

An electronic medical record (EMR) integrated with measurement scales
that flow seamlessly from any patient’s device into your chart.
Track your therapy, improve outcomes, and save time

For Patients

Patients Love It!

Our service was created by therapists for therapists to save you time, foster warmth and connection, improve your therapy, and meet the current standards of care.

Detect, measure and record suicidality, depression, anxiety, anger, self esteem, relationship satisfaction, patient feedback and more. 100% HIPAA-compliant. With zero set-up for therapists and patients alike, it’s easy to get started.

Chrome iPad

Mobile Optimized

Feeling Good Now is designed for mobile, tablets, and desktop computers. Because our app can be used directly on a smart phone, patients can quickly and securely track their moods before and after each session - without the need for special hardware or office setup. Our therapist dashboards work on every device too!

For Therapists

Feeling Good Now is an invaluable tool in informing diagnosis, building empathy, and focusing your treatment approach. Our tool helps you gather information before and after each session, so you receive valuable feedback about what worked and what didn't. Learn, refine, and get better results over time.

Backed by Research

Feeling Good Now was developed by Dr. David Burns, author of Feeling Good - The New Mood Therapy, in collaboration with clinicians at The Feeling Good Institute. It is the focus of ongoing academic and clinical research.